International Journal of Education, information technology   and others (IJEIT) ISSN 2623-2324 (Print) ISSN 2654-2528 (Online) is printed in Indonesia and published twice a year (August and December) by collaborate with Indonesian education lecturer associations (ADPPI).  IJEIT is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of educational theories and issues in various disciplines, in regard to their input, process, output, outcome and impact on the education system and their implementation.

Focus and Scope

Focus & scope International Journal of Education, information technology   and others (IJEIT) accepts research manuscripts that have never been published in other journals, high-quality articles, and originals in English, resulting mainly from quantitative, qualitative, and mixed research methodologies. relating to or related to education. These issues include, but are not limited to, practice, policy, and research in the fields of Education,
Anthropology, Sociology, Politics, law, culture, linguistics, Ethnic Relations, multicultural studies, public relations, communications, Religious Studies, Theology, Philosophy, Information technology, in Indonesia and other parts of the world.

Published: 2023-04-04

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